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Nowhere To Go But Up

Dec 14, 2019

In this episode I talk to Satya Tara a holistic recovery coach in British Columbia, Canada about her struggles with crystal meth addiction, losing everything, and having to climb back up the ladder of life. This was an episode that I could relate quite a bit to, since meth was also my drug of choice, and what led to my destruction.


Satya Tara is a Holistic Recovery Coach, Harm Reduction Advocate,  and founder of North Star Recovery. She is dedicated to helping people overcome trauma, abuse, and addiction using a mind- body- spirit approach. She offers online coaching programs and in person recovery retreats in the wilds of British Columbia.

    All people in recovery are welcome to join North Star Recovery facebook group to explore holistic healing, and to appreciate a safe, supportive community. Together- we can, and we do, recover!




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