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Nowhere To Go But Up

Mar 28, 2020

In this episode I start out with a clip from the "Tin Foil Hat Podcast" that I thought was worth sharing. My guest in this episode who is a Brand Voice Consultant, Voice Actress, and Podcaster. Her name is Adrienne Maclain, and we both talk about a couple Corona conspiracies that are out there.

More importantly we are complete strangers from totally different backgrounds, able to have a conversation and find common ground to relate to one another.


Adrienne's Bio:

Adrienne MacIain is a professional storytelling coach, brand-voice expert, podcaster and content creator who delights in using her PhD in Drama to spin the mucky straw of life experience into narrative gold. As Chief Inspiration Officer at That's Aloud she helps people and brands find their authentic voice and connect with their ideal audience through engaging written and recorded content. Video game fans may recognize her as the voice of multiple characters from the Nancy Drew HER Interactive series, Artemis from Super Monday Night Combat, or Nina and Bonnibel from Crush-Crush. West Africans may recognize her as the white girl in that Super Nigui Saff clip. Others may know her as That Accent Lady from the YouTube video. Live aligned, and live aloud!

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