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Nowhere To Go But Up

Jun 17, 2020

In this episode I have a conversation with Scott Manduck about how he brought back his wife's health by eliminating toxic foods and chemical cleaning solutions as well as introducing essential oils and EMF frequency jewelry. Scott was so moved by how well this worked for his wife that he started using the products himself, and also became a seller of these products and a resource for information about how self directed health care and  living this way is the key to a healthy life.


Looking into Self Directed Health Care, you need to look at a few things Scott says.  Reducing Inflammation in your diet is a great place to start also Reducing toxins from cleaning solutions in your house/environment is a huge start to feeling better as well.  With this, adding natural therapeutic grade essential oils to help support your emotional, mental, physical wellness we found was KEY to turning our household health around. Thinking of mother nature, we also can think about EMF protection and giving our body the tools to allow to heal it self with EssentialVibes, frequency healing products.

Feel free to reach out to Scott for your free 1 hour Wellness Consult or send a WhatsApp message to 647-402-9025 and mention the Nowhere To Go But Up Podcast show.   

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