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Nowhere To Go But Up

Jul 30, 2020

In this episode I have a long conversation with Kevin McNulty who served in the Air Force for 20 years. After Kevin Retired that career. He began his journey in the private sector as a consultant and speaker. Now Kevin has his own consulting firm called Huma-dyne, Life skills Institute that offers soft skills and work place dynamics consulting and training. 

Kevin is also an Author of a book titled "The Gap Between Two Worlds" as well as the host of a show called "Get The Edge" Podcast.

Kevin's info:

Social Media:
Kevin McNulty is an international speaker, author, and coach
based in Nashville, Tennessee. To meet Kevin is to immediately
learn about his passion and enthusiasm to help people. But
along with that enthusiasm comes 30 years of study and work in
the personal & professional growth and human/workplace
dynamics arenas. He is also the founder of Humadyn-Life Skills
Institute (pronounced Huma-Dyne).

Kevin cut his teeth in the United States Air Force...advising
senior military commanders in dealing with people problems. In
2000, he retired a 20-year career and began his work in the
private sector as a coach, consultant and speaker.

Beyond his work expertise, Kevin is known for his uncanny ability
to engage in meaningful conversations. And as a coach, speaker,
and podcaster, Kevin creates conversations that matter to
transform people in their personal and professional lives.

Kevin’s path to his current state has been extraordinary. To be
sure, it has been filled with deep struggles, amazing adventures,
spiritual awakenings, serious belly laughs, great risks,
embarrassing moments, and lots of fun—and he has the scars
(and stories) to prove it. He has lived and traveled all around
the world, written many songs, served in a diplomatic capacity,
and even performed in a Super Bowl Halftime Show.

About "The Con" plus links: 

A new true crime documentary series is coming out called "The Con". You can watch the 1st episode for free August 5, 2020 at 8:oopm EST; on The Con Facebook page or the Real Progressives Facebook page links below. The series will officially launch on August 7th on virtual cinema. I had the pleasure of talking to the producer Patrick S. Lovell and had him on a show that I co-hosted with Ricky Varandas from "The Ripple Effect" Podcast. Episode will be available Monday August 3rd.

If you thought you knew what happened to cause the mortgage crisis in 2008; it is way worse than you think!!! I was able to preview the entire 5 part series, and WOW!!!

"The Con" tells you who was involved from bottom to top. How it was structured. Who they targeted. How it could have been prevented and wasn't. Interviews with the victims and the whistle-blowers.

What really hit home for me was when they interviewed a couple of iron workers. Hard working American Union Tradesman; that sacrificed watching their kids growing up to work all the OT they can get to provide their family a good life and a good pension and retirement to finish out their days comfortably.

If the mortgage fraud just knocked you down. The stock market tank would be the finishing blow to bring you to your knees.

When I watched these guys tell their stories and all of the other victims. I could see myself in them. I could see my own grandmother in Addie Polk. This is one of the most important pieces of visual art and truth that I have seen in my lifetime.

I will post links to where you can find "The Con" when it launches as soon as I get them. I am going to drop some links for the Trailer, website, interviews with the production team, ect...



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