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Nowhere To Go But Up

Jul 31, 2020

In this episode I talk to Melissa Veatch who is currently serving 33 years at FCI Wasica in Minnesota. Melissa originally caught her case in Fort Worth, TX. The reason I wanted to talk to Melissa is her case is just one of thousands that are very similar in the federal justice system. You no longer need hard evidence or even to be in possession of the very drugs that you will be sent to prison for supposedly selling in the first place.

All the prosecution needs is a willing criminal that is motivated to get a reduction in time by providing names to the prosecutor of people that they sold/bought drugs from to add to the indictment. No vetting or investigating the claims just round them up and slap them with charges and convince them that if they fight it and lose they will be facing an even harsher sentence. At every turn once you are arrested you are being indirectly coerced to cooperate or take a plea deal even if you are innocent.

Melissa by her own admission says that she isn't innocent and is guilty of being addicted to methamphetamine and participating in a lifestyle and behaviors that would ultimately lead to the loss of her freedom. The problem is the amount of time that is being handed out for non violent victimless crimes. Low level drug addicts that should be getting treatment not saddled with 30 years of labor for Unicor to profit off of the fact that you were to week, meek, poor, and ignorant to fight the federal government.

If you can help Melissa out in any way I am including how you can write a letter to her to start the process. Make sure to include your email address so she can add you as a contact so you can correspond electronically.

Melissa's info:

Melissa Veatch #69224080

P.O. Box 1731

Wasica, MN 56093


Here is where you can find me: