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Nowhere To Go But Up

Dec 27, 2019

In this episode I talk to Ruchi Singh a domestic violence survivor from India about her story, and how she got to be the host of Ruchi Singh Talk's on YouTube. I also come out about my own mission to educate and inform men about domestic violence, and psychological / verbal abuse. As an ex-abuser myself I talk about my own issues, and path to change.

Ruchi Singh is a Professional Speaker, Mentor and Talk Show Host. She is the founder of RuchiSinghTalks.
Ruchi's story and her talks have impacted people the world over. Through her words, she creates awareness about domestic violence as well as the resounding power within us that can transform our lives. She also talks about Mindset, Managing Change, Resilience, Mental Well being, Inclusion & Diversity and Storytelling.
When she is not creating awareness on Domestic Violence, she loves to interview Indian Army Generals.
Ruchi is proud to be a Change maker at the "She Creates Change" program by which has a presence in 196 countries and 200 million + followers.
She has been awarded the Powerhouse Global Award 2019. 
She rightly lives by her motto: "Through my story I serve."
Her story is inspiring people the world over.
To add some positivity and inspiration in your life, follow Ruchi Singh. Her social media handle is RuchiSinghTalks with a presence on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & LinkedIn.
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Book Recommendation:
Autobiography of a Yogi
Paramahansa Yogananda
Ruchi's Inspiration:
I Have Dream Speech
Dr. Martin Luther King
Oprah Winfrey