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Nowhere To Go But Up

Dec 31, 2020

“Once you become an addict, everything else that you’ve done in your life is kind of disqualified in other people’s minds. And that’s how you’re defined.”


Amber  joins me on today’s show to talk about how her younger sister’s death from a heroin overdose four years ago led to where she is currently....

Dec 27, 2020

My guest on today’s show is all about inspiration, Dominique Brightmon. Dom is the author of Going North, and host of The Going North Podcast.


Dominique discusses inspiration after a series of events in 2012 made him realize he needed change in his life. Dom also tells me about his podcast, publishing his book on a...

Dec 25, 2020

In this episode I talk to a fellow podcaster (R.L. Malpica) that I heard during the IPU20 Summit. He had some similar thoughts to my own, was articulate, he had well formed thoughts and I really enjoyed listening to him, so I asked him to come on my show to tell us a little about his show "Minds Like Mines".

Dec 21, 2020

On today’s show I have a tag team extravaganza, as I am joined by fellow podcast host Wize Otero. Wize and I have a lengthy discussion about podcasts, both my own show and his, along with breaking down the process of podcasting.


Wize chats about guests he has on his show, licensing music, merch and giveaways, and...

Dec 13, 2020

In this episode Shaina Boe and myself talk to David Durocher Who is the Executive Director at The Other Side Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shaina had sent me a link to a TEDx talk that David had done. I was so moved and inspired by what I had just watched, that within 40 minutes of watching it I had found and...